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AIR interviews Dark Soul Project, what's in his studio?
At this time I have lot of projects in mind and some are on the go. I am working now in my album and well , i am experimenting some new production techniques and having fun with some fx and things to make different my tracks. I am still learning.

What projects do you have coming up?

Soon will be released some remixes some party tracks, with trip, all in one, jeje, now I change a lot and I hope the people like my new works… my next releases are most of them to the dance floor, 100 percent of groove. And in the break some atmos, that I love to generate. I love deep moments mixed with groove

And the surprise will be that I am working with other artist  that I really respect and admire I have some remixes and originals on the go in this time so, I think will be interesting to listen how each producer have their own knowedge totally diferent from other, and embody in a track.

Where do you find inspiration for your music?

I use to find inspiration at first time in my life, my tracks depends a lots of how I feel in that moment , life have a lot of changes specially mine I use to get bored easy so I use to change a lot, and well I like to found always different things and well trying to make it sounds simply, I think the simply things make u smile, like a song says, jeje.

And well I have some icons. That I follow I respect a lot of artist but I use to listen different kind of sounds, and I like when artist make something different. Something special. Sometimes I preffer a track with passion that a hihgh quality track. So my inspiration is always about feelings …..

What is your studio set up like and what is your favorite VST Plug-in or tool to use to use when developing a track?

I use Ableton the version 8.2 I love it, you have so mutch tools to make or own sound, I use to produce my own instruments , its really fun, and well my  favs vst are absynth 5, Minimoog, and Nexus, But for the master I use a lot of tools to pan external reverbs , external fx , I love the waves plugins.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

OH, nice question , because I try to have a lot of spare time, ejjeje . I love life and well I like a lot of things but most of my time I enjoy to produce music and listen, in the nights I use to read, I love philosophy, and well I like to enjoy time with my friends. Rarely  I paint , love art and design.

If you could take only 3 things with you to desert island, what would they be and why?

Jejjejeje, I wish to never have to be in that situation man, jjeejejeje, well I think depdends the island, ajaj if they have electricity I would like to have my laptop ,hedphones, and speakers, something to listen loud, of courseeeee, jejejej, and if they don’t have, a book of how to generate electriciy my laptop and my speakers, jejejje

Finally, tell us about your track(s) on AlterImage Recordings.

I think that track to play in that moment when the party is on the go and every one needs something to pick up  and go crazy, jeje. I love to go crazy and  loose my mind in some moments.  As dj I love that moments to feel free and conect with the people and as a listener to feel free and dance.

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